Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Blackstone Tips for a Good Web Design

Today it is difficult to imagine a business or organization that does not have its own website. Your website is the primary go to resource for people who wish to know more about you, your company or your organization. It is also the starting point for any online marketing or advertising campaign. A good website should be intuitive in its design, easy to navigate and should be able to provide comprehensive solutions and answers to visitors’ queries. Whether you plan to design your own website or hire a website design fort Lauderdale Company, here are the blackstone tips to effective web design.

1: Have a clear organizational structure

A clearly defined organizational structure is critical to good user experience and also helps optimize search engines indexing and ranking. A good design structure follows a basic format of domain name> top tier> second tier. Your domain name acts as a sort of summary of your entire site. As such, the selection of a properly descriptive domain name is essential to for the success of your website. This is followed by the first or tip tiers of category headers followed by the second tier of actual page content. Make sure to do intensive keyword research and include the top phrases in your content headings.

2: Do Not Overload On Graphics or Flash Content

If you are hiring a website design fort Lauderdale Company for your website design needs, you will often be faced with sophisticated graphic options that promise to make your site stand out from the rest. While it is easy to fall for such marketing claims, always, always take such statements with a pinch of salt.

In the end, it is content rather than design that truly makes a site successful. A clean, structurally sound site with readable font; easily found links and navigation bars; clearly organized structure; and original innovative content will always receive more traffic than the most graphic-loaded websites. What’s more, too much graphics and flash content can also cause the site to load too slowly; a major irritant that can drastically reduce the traffic to your website.

3: Invest in a good maintenance regime

Last but not the least; don’t forget to maintain your site properly. The best website design Fort Lauderdale firms offer regular maintenance checks along with the design package. Be sure to make regular checks to see whether all links are working properly and the content is regularly updated.

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